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Website Design Must Responsive. Try re-evaluating your strategy by making sure the website has the following things. The current ecommerce website design trends are clean, tidy, prone to rigid, striking navigation menus, lean menu topics and inclined to the point. Visible buttons for detail, buy, more shopping, etc. Take a look at large e-commerce websites like zalora, traveloka, etc. To the point right?

Responsive is the ability of a website to customize its appearance in various tools, ie smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Remember that the majority of people spend time online using a smartphone. We provide web hosting here Best Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Try using a 5 inch smartphone and open your website, compare it with other well known web. If your website look small, it means not responsive. Immediately add responsive design.

Guidelines on how to order will make it easier for potential buyers to understand your website system. If you need to explain using the image, the flow of the purchase process until the product is sent to the buyer. Describe how it is paid and show the bank you use. Explain How to Order and Payment Method.

Provide your product details details. If necessary 1 product has many photos that appear from the left side, right, up or close up it. Describe as much as possible so that potential buyers do not have to ask again. This happens in marketplace websites that present more product data and details. Serve Detailed Information.

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